About Me

Welcome to my site! I am Adonis, better known online as Blizzardo1. I have been doing some really stupid and quirky things online since I was like… 7 – 8 Years Old. I’ve started to use AOL around 2000, so I’m pretty sure that’s accurate.

Since then, I’ve come to learn what the Internet had to offer… all I saw was picture’s of other people’s cats….. yeah, very interesting… “OH LOOK! GAMES! :D” And that’s when I started to do PC Gaming… very odd that I started online gaming like Digimon, or Star Wars… but then My mother had shown me Quake… BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! .. well….. So far…

Around 2006, after my reign of terror with Quake III, I’ve basically stopped PC Gaming.. I know, terrible move… but at least I was enjoying the Xbox we had… It served us well, until 2008, when it basically broke… sad day for all of us… However, around 2010… I got back into PC Gaming. *SUCCESS!* Playing MW2 like it was no tomorrow! I still play it sometimes to this day, because, ya know… Good Ol’ Maps of MW and MW2.

Today, I’m mostly PC Gaming, so when you see me Stream, it’s mostly PC games, sometimes Nintendo. But that’s not all that I do, I also like to write software, and I don’t do a very good job at it… cause, ya know, even after all these years writing C#, I feel as if I’m missing a lot of what the language has to offer. Sure, I know the syntax of like 7 different languages, it’s how you apply them using the libraries, and structure of the program.

Well… enough of my big talk about my boring-ass life. Get reading. 😉